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June Newsletter 2017

We are sad to announce that after putting up an incredible fight, Debbie has passed away. Many of you knew about her struggle with cancer over the past months and we thank you for your support. Although this has been an incredibly difficult time for all of us, we'd like to say thank you. We have never felt so loved and supported as we do now. Thank you for all your calls and concern, thank you for helping us with samples and sewing, and thank you for being so understanding during this trying time. We are so thankful to not have customers, but a true community that surrounds us.

We also want you to know that the overabundance of cards and gifts that Debbie received during her treatments was of great encouragement to her and her family. Although she was never able to personally thank everyone who thought of her, she was incredibly blessed by your words. Thank you.

Lori and the Lunger family